The Chik-Faux-Le

All the flavor, none of the meat.

The Impossible Burger

A totally insane new way to enjoy a plant-based burger. And Morels is the only restaurant in town to get it.

Dope. Vegan. Food.

Vegan chili cheese fries, double decker tacos, and more, Morels regularly creates new specials of meatless comfort food.

What folks are saying.

“If your vision of vegan food is something like plain tofu, undressed lettuce and a portobello mushroom, prepare for a recalibration. This is vegan as you’ve never seen or tasted vegan.”
“Gone vegan but completely miss junk food? At Morels, [they] offer “vegan food that doesn’t suck.” In this case, “not sucking” means manufacturing soy, seitan, and other alternative-meat versions of fast-food classics, like the pulled “pork” sliders, which won an award when Morels was just a food truck; the Egg McBluffin; and the Farby — an improbably beefy, cheesy sandwich on a soft toasted onion roll.”
“[Morels features] a deli case where you can order options like Buffalo chicken dip by the pound as well as comfort food sandwich options like plant-based Philly cheesesteaks, muffulettas, and other vegan comfort food options.”
“[Morels Cafe’s] vegan dishes will still satisfy your fast food cravings in an animal-friendly way, minimizing guilt and maximizing flavor.”
“Tasty meats? More like vegan treats.”
They have moved beyond the typical tofu and eggplant fare to offer a creative and tasty menu.

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